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LDPE Single-lip Air Ring
Material to be used: LDPE / LLDPE
Brand: Xiongqiu Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Description of Products: Our company air ring adopts advanced technology from home and abroad to design and process. CNC producing line produce the air ring, max. diameter is φ2500mm
材质: High quality Aluminium
Structure: Single-lip


We are with strong technical and production capacity. For marketoriented, we are continuing to draw on the advanced technologh from home and abroad, developed a  new generation of pressing film machine products of whole line professional equipment for film blowing, printing and bags shaping.

型号 Model
LDPE单层风环  LDPE single-lip air ring
包装 Package
薄膜缠绕表面,木箱打包运输                   Plastic wrap film and wooden box
我们的优势 Our advantage
1、丰富的经验                                                                               Long history and experience in this filed                 2、生产之前由专业工程师绘图设计                            CAD drawing confirmation before start making            3、及时的售后服务                           Prompt after-sales services                                                       4、台湾进口CNC加工设备 Advanced Taiwan series CNC computer-controlled milling machines
关于我们  Our company1、我们的优势:已在塑料机械行业超过15年,是一家专业从事塑料吹膜机,模头风环制造的厂家,我公司致力于提高产品质量、更新机器设计,完善售前售后服务。                                                  Our Strength: We have an experience of more than 20 years of manufacturing and designing Plastic machines, varied Screws and Barrels and spares. We concentrate on improving quality, updating design, enhancing service and after service.                          2、地理优势:坐落于佛山顺德,临近勒流、广州南沙、广州黄埔等多个港口。                                                                                     Location advantage: Located in Shunde, Foshan city, near Leliu port, Guangzhou  Nansha port and Guangzhou Huangpu port.
常见问题 FAQ
1、经营类型:工厂                       1, Q: What's your business type?                                               A: Manufacturer.                                                                          2、质保时间及售后服务:非人为破坏下免费保修一年,终身有偿维修。                                                                                               2. Q: Guarantee time and after-sale?                                              A: One year guarantee time without human-damage, and we have professional after-sales department for all long repairement.

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